About Sherri


Sherri Russell
Mixed Media Collage Artist / Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer

Besides her professional level of involvement in Art, Photography, Outdoor Promotions Editing and Design Engineering, Sherri enjoys motherhood helping her community and favorite charities through new and creative fundraising events and internet promotions.

· As an artist, Sherri prefers working with non-traditional mixed media to compliment her more contemporary and/or abstraction style.

· As a photographer, Sherri loves the creative digital enhancement process and subject matter it takes to make a great photograph happen.  Lifestyle and Modern Portrait photography are her favorite.

· As an outdoors enthusiast and fly fishing gal from She's So Fly Outdoor News, Sherri is intrigued and amazed by Nature’s life cycles and its splendor - and enjoys sharing her fishing passion and travel experiences through writing and art.

· As a design engineer, Sherri loves learning and applying new techniques and tricks to keep her creatively challenged.

· As a mother, Sherri loves the never ending surprises that teenagers can provide and the additional challenges make her other interests mentioned above seem so easy!  She proud to announce that her son will be joining the U.S. Marine Corps the summer of 2013.

Sherri’s innovative techniques and ingenuity has proven to be invaluable when selecting materials to create mixed media collages, such as:

Mixed Media Collage Art (MMCA) using paper: Multiple layers of vibrant colored tissue papers and acid free glue are placed on a canvas and then sealed with a UV resistant coating. The tissue paper layers often appear transparent and provide a natural motion and display a spectacular array of colors when viewed. MMCA has a very distinct look and will surely generate interest and conversation by viewers when displayed. Sherri has spent many years experimenting with materials and solvents on prototype samples to ensure the tissue colors stay true.

Mixed Media Collage Art (MMCA) using nature inspired materials: Multiple layers of various materials that can be found outdoors (typically in the same color family) are carefully combined together to represent the true outdoor environment in 3D form.  Common materials used are sticks, moss, plants, rocks and dirt. Environmental art has a more abstract look when wall mounted.  Many viewers find this type of art very easy to look at and discover how it magically makes them feel better when around it, especially during the cold winter months in the North regions.

Photo Inspired Art (PIA): Is a more technical mixed media which combines photography, photographs, illustrations, creativity, imagination and graphic design. Sherri believes that “the beauty of a photograph does not stop merely at its existence, but at its potential”.

Personal Accomplishments:

Founder and Executive Coordinator of 2013 Newaygo Exposed - A Mystery Solving Photo Gallery

Founder and Executive Coordinator of 2013 SAFTH International Art Exhibit 

Selected to participate in the NCCA 2013 Statewide Photography Exhibit - A Juried Competition

Published in Photographer's Forum Magazine "Best of Photography 2013" Book

One of the most popular photographers on ViewBug  (top 30% global in 2013 and top !0% global in 2014)

Photography and mixed media collage art displayed in gallery form at the 2012, 2013 and 2015  Grand Rapids Festival Of The Arts - Jury competition.

Published in Photographer's Forum Magazine "Best of Photography 2014" Book

Published in Photographer's Forum Magazine "Best of Photography 2015" Book