Birch By The River - mixed media collage art made from recycled materials

Birch By The River

Birch By The River is a 24" wide x 36" tall x 2" thick mixed media collage on canvas.  Birch tree trunks are three dimensional (see close up photo below) to add interest to this piece.

(enlarged partial view to show 3 dimensional tree trunks)

This piece is "green art" and was made from recycled materials.  I first started with a used canvas that had undesired art on it and I painted it with primer and waited for it to dry. I cut used wrapping rolls in half and glued them to the canvas for tree trunks.  I then added multiple layers of square shaped paper pieces to create the tree bark, river, ground cover, sky and tree branches, and glitter. Once dry, I sealed the completed piece with a UV protectant.

I chose square shaped pieces of paper to create a more abstraction piece.  This abstraction piece is simple and will hang well in a log cabin to an industrial loft.  Dominant colors are:


Email for availability. 

Shipping and handling fees typically run approx $15 to $35, depending on destination location and desired carrier.

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